Heaton Group Ltd

Heaton 2014 Ltd

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Member since 20/11/2023
The Heaton Group, Eckersley Mill
Swan Meadow Industrial Estate
Swan Meadow Road
01942 251 945
About us
We bring plenty of commercial savvy to every development project, renovation or new build. We’re predominantly in the business of regenerating older buildings and, in the process, reinvigorating some of our region’s communities. We’re custodians of heritage and character, preserving the best of local icons while providing the kind of urbane habitats that are made for lifestyle living.

It’s a service we’ve been providing for generations – there’s nothing short term about what we do. With that experience comes an approach that simply works: we make a connection with our communities, we build trust with our customers and we deliver quality you can rely on. The result – whether it’s a home to buy, a place to rent or an investment to make – is a sustainable development, a community asset and a stylish home.